Monday, April 6, 2009

Ya Ya and the Easter Bunny!

Last week I took the girls to see the Easter Bunny. We decided to drive out to Plesenton and meet Sarah at the Mall. I always have huge anxiety right before my kids get their pictures taken just because you never know how its going to go but this was one of the easiest times yet. We got to the mall and found the Easter Bunny. There was no line so we walked right up. Peyton loved him and practically ran over to sit on his lap. Amber did great too! I think she is learning to follow her big sisters lead. Within 10 min we had our picture and its pretty cute too!

After seeing the Easter Bunny we decided to go to one of the many beautiful parks in the area. We found this one and it was pretty cool with huge slides and fun stuff to climb on, even a water park. We decided this is a great meeting place to hang out! Ya Ya of course had some surprises up her sleeves. She made us Easter cupcakes with fonda. Each cupcake had a pretty fonda flower on top. Peyton eat the flower off of five cupcakes and that is all she would eat of them, but she had fun!

Amber looking pretty in her Easter outfit.

Crazy Slides!!! Peyton wanted to go down them herself! She has no fear, it is scary!

Ya Ya went down the slide too... ;)

The last surprise was an Easter hat, gloves and purse for Peyton's growing dress up collection! She absolutely loved it and she looked pretty cute too!Thanks Ya Ya for making our day so fun! We will have to do it again soon!

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Sarah said...

I have several things to say about this but the most important is that YaYa is SCARED of slides! While Peyton loves them, they super scare me as I am sure everyone can see from the look on my face! Haha! I had a blast with you girls too...send me those pictures so I can do a post too!