Monday, October 12, 2009

long time no post.

I just realized that I have not blogged in a long time!!! I guess I will just do a quick update to catch up.

We are all doing well. the girls are growing and changing everyday. Amber is now 9 months old. She is "army crawling" all over the place. She has two teeth and one on the way! She knows how to wave, clap and stick out her tongue. She is full of giggles and smiles and loves playing with her big sister. She has recently found her screaming voice and every once and awhile she will let out an ear piercing scream that leaves my ears ringing and her giggling with her success. She is doing really well on soild foods and it has been fun for me because I am making all my own baby food for her. She pretty much will eat anything, which may be the reason why she is HUGE. Almost weighing 20 pounds and now wears 12 months clothes. I think she may pass peyton up soon.

Peyton is now 2 1/2. When she turned two I thought that maybe we were going to escape the terrible two curse. She has always been such an easy kid to deal with. Well 2 1/2 rolled around and watch out! Not that she is NOT a good kid because she is, but she is just testing the waters, as my mom would say, so some days are more challenging than others as far as her sassy attitude goes but she is a joy to be around most days. She is so so smart, already knows the whole alphabet and the sounds of all the letters which allows her daddy to work with her to try to sound out words. Not joking you she sounded out the word cat the other night. don't believe me just come over and witness it ;) . She recently started gymnastics and loves it, to the point of not being able to sleep at night she is so excited about going. She is fully potty trained. We did a three day potty training boot camp and that did the trick. She dosen't even wear a pull up at night and hasn't had an accident in weeks!!!

Brandon started working on his masters again. He is taking two classes, one of them is a weekend class which leaves me alone alot with the girls but I try to stay busy and thanks to our wonderful friends here in Santa Cruz so far we have found fun and exciting things to do every weekend he has been away.

Well that is a short catch up but I will try to keep my blog up to date from now on. (yea right ;) )


Melissa said...

Yay gymnastics! I want a little girl to put her in gymnastics.

jes said...

Kendra! thanks for catching us up. I believe you about Peyton sounding out words! That's how Riley started at that age and now she is in 1st grade (before her time )and reading at a 4th grade level!

Christal said...

yay for kendra coming back to blogging!!!