Tuesday, October 19, 2010

I am thankful I am able

Don't you hate it when it seems as though God has you on this "thing" wither its a conviction or a thought or a change of mind its just this thing that no matter how hard you try to get away from it, its everywhere and everyone you know is talking about it, and the pastor preaches his sermon on it, and your friend brings it up in conversation and you get to this point when you finally are like "Is God trying to tell me something?" duh!
Well that is what has been happening to me in the last couple of weeks. The subject matter is nothing deep or life changing its sort of basic really it has to do with house cleaning. yup, house cleaning. It started a few weeks ago when I started to notice my husband making frequent comments about my lack of house work. Comments such as "Wow there are a lot of dishes in the sink today!" or "How long has it been since you pushed the button on the automatic vacuum cleaner?" At first I took offense to his comments and my women's rights side of me emerged and I would strike back with "Well I have been a little busy with YOUR kids all day long" Or "Its just as easy for you to push the button on the vacuum than it is for me" but in my quiet moments his words would sting a little because I realized how little house work I was actually doing and I could probably be doing a better job. So I started to put more work into the house during the day but God could not just stop there (He knows me to well) So it seemed everywhere I went people were talking about this subject of doing your job and doing it well. So I thought I would share just some quick lessons I have learned this week. 1. You should clean your house for your family and you should tidy up for your company. (Yea think on that one for awhile...I know in my house those two are reversed) 2. Be the best you can be in the job God has you in because you never know how that job (as mundane as it may seem) may be preparing you for something bigger in the future. 3.Instead of saying "I HAVE to clean the house today" or "I HAVE to take care of the kids today" instead change it to "I am ABLE..." Putting praise and thanksgiving into your work makes its so much easier to get done. I am by no way saying that because I am a women my duty is the house work. Brandon and I made a commitment on our wedding day that stigmas like that would not be apart of our household but I have come to the realization that for this season of life, I am home with the kids and the house and for now that is my job, and I am to do it well. I have to say that I cleaned the house with a thankful heart yesterday and my husband actually noticed and that felt good. So for me, I need to clean my house more, what can you be doing better in the season of life you are in?


Stephanie Jensen said...

Oh, my goodness, Kendra - this is SO my problem! There are some things that as a wife and mom I am good at, but HOUSECLEANING is not one of them! But, thanks to your example and encouragement, I will strive to do a better job at, well - my job!! ;^ J
And btw - your last post was adorable and enlightening, too! And your pie looked absolutely perfect and delicious!! Miss you, friend. ~ Steph

Klappyanne said...

Alas, I struggle with it too. I did such a good job with it when I first went back to work, but I struggle when I come home from work and have to spend a significant part of my evening cooking dinner, and getting ready for the next day. Until Dan is done with his thesis, I'm not sure anything can change. But all that to say...you're not alone in this struggle! :) Maybe we should have a virtual housework accountability group!! :)

Melissa said...

Remind me to read this if I ever have the privilege to be a stay at home Mom and start complaining about the house work. Right now house cleaning is kind of nobody's job since we both work. It just doesn't get done and nobody complains about it...LOL! Ok, disclaimer: the dishes and the kitchen usually are cleaned up daily. Everything else rarely gets done. Although now with a crawling baby I have caught myself and Andrew vacuuming and sweeping more often. Yay! And I am so thankful when we are able to do it ;o)