Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Peyton's emergency room scare!

Well I wasn't sure I was going to blog about this but I decided maybe it would be good therapy for me and also to let family and friends now exactly what happened.
A week ago Sunday we were sitting down for dinner and Brandon put Laurie's (Brandon's Aunt that we take care of) pills on the table and while our backs were turned for a few short secs. Peyton reached over and got a pill and took it. The pill she took is called Topamax which is an anti seizure medication. She took 200mg which is about 10 times the dose they would give a child peyton's size. We rushed her to the emergency room and for 24 hours she was hallucinating and going in and out of consioucness. She suffered from insonmia (I don't think she slept for 24 hours) and she could not walk or talk to us this whole time. It was so scary!!!
I have learned alot from this experience. One...she is alot faster than I give her credit for. But probably most importantly God has worked on my heart and mind alot. After this happened I began to become a little parnoid about her well being. Like laying awake at night thinking of all the other ways she could get hurt while my back was turned. I was having so much fear in my heart that all I could do was pray. During those long nights following the accident God really ministred to me. He told me that this fear I was having was not from Him. He does not want me to parent out of fear but out of Faith. Faith that He has a plan for her and He will take care of her. A friend of mine reminded me that as much as I love her God loves her that much more. I thought I had given her to God when she was born but during those long dark nights I REALLY had to give her to him. I finally just had to surrender and give him control of her life and the most amazing thing is that as soon as I did that God took my fears away!!
Praise God Peyton (and I) are happy and doing well. We are back to normal life and honestly I don't even know if she remembers what happened to her.
Last Sunday I had the oportunity to preach at our church for Mothers Day. My recent story made for a good sermon and I know God used what he taught me to touch others as well. God works all things together for good! I will put up the link to the pod cast of the sermon soon for those who are interested in hearing it! Thanks to all those who prayed for us during this scare. Prayer works! To God be the Glory!


Jessika Wilson said...

How scary! Glad everything is alright! I find it amazing how God works through our lives in circumstances like this. Peyton is lucky to have a Godly Mom like you!

Live in Love, Jess

Sarah said...

I still can't believe that it all happened! I am so thankfukl Peyton is safe and so glad we serve a God who loves her even more than any of us!!