Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Peyton's well Earned Day at DisneyLand

Just realized I hadn't post these from Peyton's Day at Disneyland...so here is a sneak peek into her day.

Peyton waiting in line with her ziplock bag of money.
Its hard to tell but this is Peyton watching the lady at the ticket window turn her money into a ticket. My mom said she watched very carefully to see what they were doing with her money. cute.

This is inside small world. My mom said this was her favorite ride of the day (If you ask Peyton she says it was the Toon Town roller coaster) Although we have caught Peyton singing "Its a small world" to herself several times since than.
This is in the car on the ride home. happy and tired. My mom bought her this big stuffed Mickey. (not in the budget but Grandma will be Grandma) It has been her favorite toy since that day, even eats with us at the dinner table some nights. :)

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