Saturday, April 24, 2010

The Child's Angel

My brain is full at the moment. I don't even know how to begin to process all that I witnessed at the Catalyst conference this week. (If you want to know more about Catalyst you can go here: For me, when I feel I am in a fog of emotion, I write and it helps to clear the air. So this entry is more for me than anyone else but maybe it will help clear the air for someone else too.

Before Catalyst I was becoming more and more sickened by the growing statics of child abuse in our world today. Its funny how before you have kids these things bother you but after you have kids these things keep you up at night. I have been kept up at night more times than I can count after hearing things like 20,000 images of child pornography are posted illegally online every WEEK, or that 1 in 58 children are being raised in abusive homes this year, or that every year 15 million children die of hunger. These things bother me beyond words and I have questioned why God would allow it. I recently went through Beth Moores Bible study on Revelation and got some comfort on this topic after coming to the realization that God does not let these things go unnoticed and there will be a day when God will avenge the blood of those who have been abused. I have great comfort knowing that there is a day coming when God will say ENOUGH! and all the abuse will stop in an instant and his wrath will be poured out on the earth. For those who have been wronged he will create a new earth for them where they will not think about nor even remember what has happened to them and the sound of weeping and crying will be heard no more (Isaiah 65:19). I love, love, love Isaiah 65:20 "Never again will there be an infant who only lives a few days" and vs 23 "no longer will there be children who are doomed to misfortune for they will be a people blessed by the Lord!" Amen to that right!

So I was extremely moved that Catalyst would spend sometime on the topic of abused children. Kay Warren and Wes Stafford (the President of Compassion) both gave incredible talks on behave of children here are just a few of there points.

1. Did you know that if one family from every four churches in America would adopt a foster child there would be no more foster care in America???
2. Mathew 18:10 - Children have their own personal guardian Angels and if we were able to see them we would fall down in fear of them and never lay a hand on a child again.
3. Did you ever notice that Jesus said "LET the children come to me" He did not say "BRING the children to me" If we would just get out of the way they would come to him.
4. Very soon after the account of "Jesus blessing the Children" found in the gospels, he was put on the cross. Children were among the last people to bless Jesus.

So just in case you ever had any doubt rest assured that JESUS Loves Children! Even now as Peyton is running down the hall with a balloon between her legs screaming "I love my Balloon Horse!" and Amber is throwing every single DVD off the shelf for the 5th time today I can not wipe this smile off my face knowing that the GOD of the universe finds great delight in my Children.

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