Thursday, March 11, 2010

Peyton's quest for Disneyland - part 3

Well I just sent my baby off to Disneyland with her Nana. We figured since we pretty much paid for Peyton's tickets through her earnings it would not be economical for me to buy another ticket for myself so Peyton is having some one on one time with Nana today. (The two people on this planet that couldn't love Disneyland more!) I pray this time is special for the both of them.
I guess I got a little ahead of last update Peyton only had $20 something so let me fill you in on the last $40 earned.
We arrived in LA on thursday night with piggy bank in hand. Peyton was excited to show Nana and Papa her piggy bank and tell them all about how hard she has been working. She was super excited that first night so Nana bribed her by telling her if she went to bed without crying and sleept through the night she would get $5. (Its alot easier to get money at Nana's house) So she went right to bed and sleept through the night. The next day was my Dad's Hillbilly birthday party so we were busy most of the day decorating and setting up. Peyton stayed home with Papa. I heard she earned a few dollars picking up her toys and eating her lunch. That evening we had a band at my Dad's party called the Saggy Bottom Boys lead by my brother on a wash board. When we arrived the band was rehearsing. Peyton ran up on stage with them and asked with she coud join them. They of course thought she was adorable and handed her a shaker and she stood on stage and danced and played her shaker through out the whole rehersal. When they were through one of the guys bent down to Peyton and said "well, I think you are hired" and as a joke handed her a one dollar bill. Well that was no joke to Peyton. Her face lit up and she came running to me waving her dollar bill saying "this is for my piggy bank!" The guys face was pricless...I am sure he was thinking...what three year old gets that excited about a dollar bill?

So she worked to earn money Sunday, Monday and Tuesday. On Wednesday morning Papa sat her down and dumped out her piggy bank to count all her money. The grand total $42 and some change. "Thats alot of money!" Peyton said. Papa and I agreed. So I took her to a coin star and cashed in her change (That little piggy bank held $23 in change alone) and than went to the bank and got out a $20 to make a grand total of $62, enough to buy a ticket. I put her money in a ziplock baggie and told her she had enough to go to Disneyland and she jumped up and down in the middle of the store for a good minute. The rest of the day was spend trying to explain to her the meaning of tomorrow since she didn't understand why she couldn't go that very moment to buy her ticket. Last night Nana put her to bed early. I was sceptical that she would go to sleep that early but Nana explained to her that she needed a good nights sleep for Disneyland and when she woke up it would be time to go. She went right to sleep!

So all in all I think some great lessons were leanred. I think I will keep up the piggy bank earning money thing so that the next time she wants something that cost money I can say "well how much money do you have?" Nana is going to have Peyton give her money in her ziplock bag to the cashier at Disneyland herself. I can't wait to here that story and all about her well earned day at Disneyland!

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Klappyanne said...

Sounds like Nana's math skills have slipped a bit... :) I hope they had a good time together!