Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Moments with the Kertson's

Here are just a few moments that we have had over the last few weeks. the first picture is of our cute little house...little is the key word but it certainly is not lacking in charm. Notice the big satellite, Brandon is very excited about this because he gets every Chargers game. The pictures and video of the beach were taken walking distance from our house. The park is where I take Peyton for play group every Thursday morning. The park over looks the Santa Cruz Bay. (Such a hard life we live) Peyton is getting so good at climbing all the play ground equipment and going down the slide by herself. She makes her mom nervous but she is having a great time! notice in the video that Peyton is scared of the waves and yells "Oh No" every time they break. She is so dramatic it is hilarious.


Anonymous said...

o mylanta!!!!!! i miss you guys so much! o no! peyton isnt here anymore!!!! i am still bitter about that. tell her she still cant cheat on me even though i am a ways away. so ya i am looking forward to seein you guys in nov. you are missed. i think that since you are comin here, you should just stay! man arent i amazing! so ya i miss ya if i hadnt said it already and am glad you guys are havin a great time. hope church is going ok. i know it cant be as good as ours but i hope it can come close. haha love

Anonymous said...

Holy cow. She's so adorable. Oh no! Oh no! And I love how she puts her hands on top of her head :)


Sarah said...

I would like some moments with the Kertson's ASAP!!!

"Oh no!" - Peyton

That is my new favorite quote!

Melissa said...

I love how she hops :o)