Monday, November 3, 2008

I apologies in advance for this entry but we had such a fun week last week that I just have to blog about it. I am sure someone out there cares. lol. Well our week started on saturday when we picked up my mom from the airport. She was able to come for her first visit to Santa Cruz since we moved. We decided to take her to a pumpkin patch so she could see for herself just how much Peyton loves her "punkies" Here are a few pictures and a funny video of the event.

On Sunday After church we walked down to the Capitola village to march in the Halloween Parade. My mom brought with her a bunny costume that she has made for me when I was two years old. We were running late for the parade so we quickly threw it on Peyton and needless to say she was not that pleased about wearing it at first and she refused to wear the bunny ears until we got down to the parade and she saw all the other kids dressed up then she left the ears on the rest of the time. It was so funny to see the light bulb turn on in her little head as she started to understand this dressing up thing and wanted to be apart of it. All the stores along the parade route were handing out candy and she got her first taste of a lollipop and LOVED it!!

On Monday we took my mom out to the warf and out to dinner for a real Santa Cruz experience. Peyton loves looking at the SeaLions. We had a nice dinner down town and my mom got to experience some of the culture homeless guys got in a fight and thrown out of the resturant during our meal. It was awesome! lol

On Wednesday we went to the Capitola Library for a Halloween Story time. We met our friends Rachel and Caleb. Caleb and Peyton looked so cute playing together with their Halloween outfits on.

On Thursday Peyton had play group in the park. We dressed her up in her bunny costume again and this time she was happy to put it on she even let Nana paint her face like a bunny!

So that was our Halloween week O' fun and that was just the week before. I will have to do a separate blog on the actual day but I feel so blessed to live somewhere that has this many fun and safe activities for kids. It occurred to me that next year Peyton will be so different. She will probably understand the whole thing a little better and I am sure that will be fun to see but this year was so precious full of new discoveries. I am sad that she will probably never call a pumpkin a "Punkie" again.


Bethany said...

Why is my niece so adorable?? I can't wait to see you guys!!

Sarah said... is the next one going to be cuter?

"but, trick or treat" is my new favorite story to tell! I told Jes and she loved it as did the parents! It makes me laugh at least once a day! :)