Monday, November 3, 2008

Halloween Night O' Fun!

Our church put on a harvest festival on Halloween night. I have to say I was so proud to be apart of this event. It wasn't about trying to get people to come to our church or trick them into some religious hidden agenda. It was just about loving our community and providing a safe place for families to have a good time. Like our pastor said "We showed our community how to put on a party" and it was great! Peyton had the time of her life. here are a few pictures to highlight the evening.
The entry of the church was made into this huge pumpkin that you could walk through that led into a corn maze.

We got to hang out a little with our friends Rachel and Caleb. Caleb was dressed like a Pirate and he looked pretty cute.
Peyton got her face painted...
rode a pony...
They had "trunk or treating" were members of the church decorated their trunks and the kids went from car to car to get candy. Peyton learned how to say "Trick or treat" and went to every car at least twice.
Her favorite Candy was the lollipop after her third one of the night I decided that was enough and had to take one away from her well this did NOT go over well, as you can imagine and she threw a huge tantrum while yelling "But trick or treat...but trick or treat!"
Peyton with Pastor Ed. They are buddies!
The night ended with a hay ride around the neighborhood. unfortunately it began to pour rain and we got soaked. All and all the night was a huge success. Here is a video of peyton dancing and enjoying one of her lollipops.


Bethany said...

Cutest Minnie Mouse I've ever seen!!

Melissa said...

Oh my! She's getting so big. I can't believe it. We miss you guys.