Sunday, May 17, 2009

Mother's Day Fiesta!!!

Well sadly I don't have any pictures of this because I forgot my camera that day. maybe I will steal some from Rachel when she gets them up. But this Mother's Day was the best so far. It was only my third one but it will be hard to beat.
mother's Day morning I preached my first ever sermon. Preach it sister! Actually I was kinda stressed about it and even the morning of I told Brandon...this was not very nice of you to do to me on mother's day. I am suppose to be relaxing today! he said to me...I did this because I know how much you love to be used by God so it was my gift to you on mothers Day. Well I sort of shrugged him off but actually he was right.Tthe morning was such a blessing to me. I really felt God spoke through me to touch people's hearts and it was an amazing feeling. Its been awhile since I have felt that feeling so it was truly a gift.
That afternoon Rachel picked me up and we went and got pedicures and did some shopping at the mall while the boys took the kids and were setting up a party for us. When we got to the Marchassult's house There were Margarita's, a sound system with Mexican music playing, carna asada and even a Pinata. The Boys told us that since our pastor's wife Julia got to go to Mexico for Mother's Day they thought they would bring Mexico to us and give us a Fiesta. So cute!!! I think they had more fun blind folding their wives and spinning us around to hit the pinata than anything!!!
I can't say enough how blessed I am by these friends. They truly are a blessing in our lives. Having to live in a place were we don't have family around is hard especially on holidays but thankfully God has given us a family here with our friends the Marchassult's. Love you guys!

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Rachel said...

It was fun! And we are so blessed to have you guys here! Oh - and I'll be posting pictures soon! :)