Sunday, May 17, 2009

The Gape!

After Amber was born Brandon's Grandma gave us a gift card to babies R Us. We decided to use it to get a gate to go across our porch. Since we don't have a yard Peyton does not get to play outside much. I would often take her out there but it is hard because I have to always be with her because she likes to run into the street. This does not work well when you have a baby that is inside and you are chasing your toddler down the street. I swear it would be so much easier on us Mother's if we could be two places at once! So we had this idea to get a gate so that she could play out there with out constant supervision. The day we got the gate Peyton watched as dad set it up. she was excited at first but soon realized this was something that going to take away her freedom. She actually called it a cage at first. (now she calls it a gape) once we got it all set up she sat and cried in front of it for a good 20min. Funny because we got it thinking that we were giving her more freedom to be able to play without us having to watch her all the time but she saw it has taking away her freedom. Now that the gape has been up for a week now she is starting to get the idea that she can play on the porch and she is warming up to the idea. THANKS GRANDMA for the gift Card. It is so nice for me to be able to leave the door open and let the wonderful Santa Cruz air flow through while peyton gets to play in the sun shine!

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Sarah said...

Seriously...where are her pants? ;)