Thursday, May 13, 2010

Where did my sweet baby go?

5:00 - Just got home from a long day of running errands with the girls to find that we had no power in the house. Because of past history in our area I knew that the power could be off for hours or days so I began to form a game plan for the evening. Looking at my grubby little girls I decided that baths were most important and I wanted to get them over with before it got dark. So I got both girls in the bath.
5:25 - Amber had all she could take of Peyton pouring water over her head and demanded to be taken out so I got her dried off and into her PJ's and then quickly did the same for Peyton. Next step of the game plan was to clean the house up a bit. I had company coming for the weekend and not knowing how much longer I would have daylight I grabbed the 409 and hit the bathrooms, not soon after I hear a cat fight break out in the living room. Amber was apparently trying to take the baby doll stroller from Peyton and no matter how hard I tried to get her to play with another toy she was not having it, so I eventually had to take the stroller away which lead to even more tears so what did I do? What any good mother would do... I flipped on Sesame Street and hoped they would get over it. (the power came back on by the way) It seemed to be working so I went back to the bathrooms.
6:00 - Peyton came wondering in asking if she could color so I stopped what I was doing and got her set up on the kitchen table which only led to Amber fussing because she too wanted to be sitting at the kitchen table. As I was getting out the coloring book Amber had already climbed on top of the chair and onto the table. I decided maybe this would be a good time for dinner to I placed Amber in her highchair and began to heat up hot dogs. I cut the hot dogs up and poured them on her tray along with some blueberries and handed her a fork. I figured she would be happy there for a bit so I went back to work.
6:10 - I hear Amber starting to complain so I rushed out to the kitchen to find that she had squashed every blueberry on her tray and rubbed them in her hair. Back into the bath she goes.
6:20 - Amber is clean and dressed...again... so I sit her in front of Sesame street and leave to start a load of laundry. Mins later I hear a very scary sound...the scariest of all sounds for a mom and that is the sound of "silence." No good shall come from long periods of "silence." So I rush back into the living room to find that Amber had found a bottle of Snapple and some how manged to figure out how to twist the top off of it and had poured the whole bottle all over herself. I take off her 2nd pair of PJs for the evening and go in search of the third pair.
6:22 - In the laundry room trying to find a clean pair of jammies when I hear another interesting sound coming from the kitchen. I rush in and find Amber on top of a chair sifting through a box of markers on the counter. I decided she would probably be ok for one more sec while I found a pair of clean PJs.
6:23 - Found a pair! Walk into the kitchen to find Amber holding a permanent Black marker which she had successfully taken the cap off of. She saw me coming for it so she looked me square in the eyes and as quick as she could she marked a long black line across her bare chest. NO! I shouted and grabbed a baby wipe and tried to get it off. No such luck (if a baby wipe can't get it off nothing will, those things can get spots out of the carpet.) So I decided what the heck and put her third pair of clean jammies on her for the night. By the way, this whole time she is screaming and trying to slap me in the face, which is becoming more of a trend these days. ugh. So I get her to calm down by giving her a sippy cup of juice and sat her once again in front of Elmo hoping this time she would stay there.
6:45 - I finally finish the bathrooms and peak in to check on the girls. Amber was sitting in front of elmo holding her sippy cup in one hand and the lid to it in the other. Somehow, once again, she had managed to twist off the lid to the sippy cup and spill it all over herself. How is this possible!!! My three year old can not even twist off the lid to a sippy cup! I asses the spillage and decide most of it got on the carpet and she was only a little wet so she could stay in her PJS (plus I knew she didn't have any more clean ones anyways) but it was indeed time for her to go to bed. I had had about as much as I could handle for one night!


Sarah Bethuel said...

Ah - so good to know days like this don't just happen to me!!! Many HUGS - my littlest can also open cups, bottles (including childproof vitamin bottles)doors, climb over every baby gate ever built and on top of EVERYTHING. Makes for one tired mom and lost of good stories to tell when they are teenagers!

Melissa said...

Oh my! Craziness!

Faith K said...

Sorry about that, Kendra! Man.... it was so crazy I had to laugh at it....