Friday, May 7, 2010


Never in my best dreams would I have ever though that my daughter would love Cinderella more than I do. And those that know me, know that I LOVE CINDERELLA. For me it started when I was a child and my father used to call me Kenderella and I felt nothing short of a princess when he did that, so ever since Cinderella has been my favorite Disney character. So much so, that Brandon asked me to marry him in front of the castle at Disneyland and I believe his exact words after getting down on his knees were "Will you be my Cinderella forever?". We even had a Cinderella wedding...well as much Cinderella as I could get away with and not be too cheesy but, a special moment that I will never forget was our first dance to "So this is love." So there is a little past history on my love for Cinderella and why I would want to share it with my daughter.
Well it all started a few weeks ago when I decided Peyton was finally old enough to appreciate watching Cinderella for the first time. We got in our jammies and snuggled up on the couch with bowls of ice cream and popcorn. I was determined to make this a magical moment for the two of us. I expected her to loose interest half way through (once the popcorn was gone) but she didn't, she was glued to the movie and when it ended she gave me a huge hug and said "Mommy that was the greatest movie I have ever seen." I was a puddle on the floor. Since that night she has watched Cinderella almost every day. A few days ago she began randomly quoting the movie and singing the songs and just yesterday she decided that she, in fact, WAS Cinderella. If you tried to call her Peyton she would politely correct you and say "You mean Cinderella." (Oh Boy, What have I created?) So not going to lie, I got her to help me pull weeds in the yard yesterday because I told her Step Mother told her to do so. As we were pulling weeds she was chattering away about the mice and the birds and the mean cat and the ugly step sisters and her step mother that was very sad. Sad? "Why is the step mother and step sisters sad?" I asked her, and then my three year old had a profound thought, she said "because they never go out of their house so they don't have any friends and they are lonely." Isn't that so true! Relationships are the most important thing in this life! Way to often we get caught up in our own world and our own schedule and don't make time for other people and then we wonder why we are so sad and lonely. Once again, the world could learn a lot from a three year old...and Cinderella.


Sarah Bethuel said...

I am always amazed at the spiritual insight that seem to come so naturally to my children. Yay for Cinderella!

Melissa said...

Wow! How smart she is.