Friday, May 7, 2010

New Discoveries

Amber has been growing and changing at a rapid rate these days. I am calling this month of her life the month of new discoveries because it seems as though everyday she is learning something new. One of her favorite discoveries has been her legs and she has learned how to use them very well, which is driving mom crazy! I chase after her all day long and if I turn my back on her for one sec. she is out of sight, up the stairs, down the street, on top of the kitchen table, I don't underestimate what she can or will do these days in fear of her safety.
She has also learned the word NO! When she says it (which is ALL DAY LONG) its not just no, its a very high pitched shrieking NOOOOOOOO! So its kind of cute and hard not to laugh at but I am trying to bite my lip and teach her that that behavior is not acceptable in this house. So far no success.
A few nights ago while we were eating dinner around the table she must have realized for the first time that she was the only one that did not have a fork and she was not pleased about this at all. After much shrieking and crying I finally figured out what she wanted and she has been eating with a fork everyday since, she is not bad at it either and it makes dinnertime last a bit longer for mom and dad.
Mom's least favorite new activity that Amber has discovered is pulling open the bottom drawers of the girls dresser and unloading all that is inside. Poor Peyton has been wearing wrinkled clothes lately because of the many times they have been in piles on the floor.
By far Amber's favorite new discovery this month has been the ocean. Due to the beautiful weather lately and the fact that we live within walking distance from the beach it has been hard to keep us away. Now that Amber is able to walk around she has discovered that not far from the beach towel is water, and she loves the water! So I spend most of the time chasing her up and down the beach so that she does not get washed away. So much for the days that I could sit and relax on a beach towel and watch her eat sand.
But my very favorite thing about this month is that my children are learning to love each other! They are finally able to play nicely together and is blesses my heart. The other day I heard them laughing in their room and Peyton was sitting in her doll stroller and Amber was pushing her around the room. They love giving zurberts on each others tummies and chasing each other around the house. Last night I was about to put Amber to bed and Peyton came running after me practically in tears saying "she forgot to give her sissy a kiss goodnight." So sweet. Maybe they will be friends after all.


Bethany said...

I miss her so much!!! I can't wait to see her!

Sarah Bethuel said...

I LOVE watching my girls play together, and the fact that for the first time in years I occasionally get a moment? Priceless!