Tuesday, April 28, 2009

update on the girls...

The girls are growing and changing so fast I thought it would be a good idea to do an update on them. They do new things everyday its hard for me to keep up, let alone people who don't see them everyday. So here is what they have been up to!

Amber is now 3mo. old. She is turning out to be a beautiful baby (not going to lie we had some fear when we first saw her with a swollen face and thick black hair lol) She smiles all the time at anyone who will give her the time of day. she is a very good baby but gets easily over stimulated with her big sister around so we have to be careful and make sure we let her sleep.

she giggled for the first time two weeks ago while Peyton and I were singing the 'Wheels on the Bus'
she is very close to being able to sit up. She is a big strong girl weighing over 13 pounds all ready!
her hair is so long I like to play with it. I can even get it into a pony tail!

Peyton is now 26 months old. I think she says at least a new word everyday. Some of my favorites have been 'adorable', 'amazing', 'cute', 'hungry', and 'munchies'. She is starting to get very interested in swimming. she kicks her feet in the bath tub and blows bubbles. I think we are going to sign her up for swim lessons this summer. We just got finished with "toddlers sports academy" a six week class that taught her a different sport every week. I think her favorite was basketball. She actually could dribble the ball!!! she also liked picking flowers on the grass during soccer!
she all the sudden likes to play with her doll that Nana gave her for Christmas. I think it is because she sees mommy with Amber and now knows what to do with it now.
She is a good big sister. A few days ago I took her out with me while Brandon stayed home with Amber. The whole time we were running errands she asked "where Amber go?" It made me realize she has adjusted to Amber being apart of our family and it feels weird to her now when she is not with us.
She is really into dress up!! The bad thing is that the dress up clothes are taking over our house with no place to keep them. On a daily basis she is a butterfly, a princess, a bunny, or going to a tea party. I love that she has an imagination and is not afraid to use it!

So those are my girls! Never a dull moment. They keep me happy, tired, frustrated, elated but most of all full of love!


Sarah said...

Oh my goodness! They are totally different girls from a couple weeks ago! They are both beautiful, nice work! ;) Can't wait to see you guys!

Sarah said...

P.S. That picture of Amber in the bouncer at your Mom's reminds me so much of Peyton at the beach for the first time! Same face!

Bethany said...

They are growing up way to fast! I'm going to have to come up over the summer.

jes said...

I love updates! I'm gonna make my sister do this too.. cuz i need some bubba updates. They are turning into such beautiful little people! Sarah tells me you have peyton busy almost every day! that's awesome! and i want to hear all about that music class!I was so stumped when it came to the babies, I'm curious how they did that!