Tuesday, February 16, 2010

"I can see the whole world from up here!"

Both of my children are amazing and beautiful but today I want to spend sometime updating you on the life of Peyton. Well she turned three just a week ago and much to her delight and her parents fear she is now a little lady. The things that come out of her mouth have me smiling constantly even when she is in trouble, I try to bite my lips but can't help it she is just to funny. It is Drama Drama Drama all the time in her little world. Her newest thing, at the moment is that she pretends that she is falling down all the time. Like ALL the time. At least 10 times a day she will be walking and all the sudden she "pretends" to fall down and cry's out for help in the most dramatic fashion. The only explanation we can come up with for this behavior is that her one year old sister is starting to learn to walk and falls down a lot and she would like to have some of that attention on her as well. (as if she doesn't get enough already).
In the past few months she has found (much to my delight) the joy of watching and making home videos. She has learned that my phone can make a video so often once Amber goes to bed she asks me to record her dancing or singing on my phone and then she will watch over and over and just laugh and laugh. I am not sure how well she understand the concept of our home videos because often when we are watching tv she will come in the room and look at the tv and say "Mom is that you on the tv?" The other night we were watching Olympic Ice skating and she said "mommy look at you skating! you are doing such a good job?" I said "Why thank you!" :0)
Some of her favorite things at the moment are Sausage (don't know how this started but it is one of the only things she will eat) WordWorld (A TV show all about words! Its wonderful because its teaching her some of the fundamentals of reading through songs and phrases. I will catch her singing them sometimes and it blows me away.) Riding her bike (not just down hill anymore) The other day she road her bike around the whole park! And Gymnastics! The thing she lives for week after week. She can now walk across a high balance beam all by herself, swing on the rings, and jump from a high platform into a foam pit with no fear! This week will be her last class in the mommy and me level. Starting next month her teacher thinks that she is ready to move on to the next level! I am such a proud mommy. She is working so hard and listens so well during class. I think I might just shed a tear on her first day of class when I will be sitting on the sidelines just watching her do it all by herself without moms help. She is growing up way to fast!
Lastly, This morning we were rushing out the door because we were running late to Bible study and as I was putting Amber in the car I yelled for Peyton to get in the car too but, no such luck, so I turned to grab her and I saw that she was standing on our porch railing stretching on her tiptoes to peer over the side and with a look of amazement and said. "Mommy I can see the whole world from up here!" My first thought was to grab her from that railing and briskly walk her to the car saying "no you don't the world is much bigger than what you can see from that railing!" But than I caught myself, and for just a moment I tried to imagine what it would be like to be able to behold and dwell in the beauty of the world that was just outside my porch railing. What kind of peace would I find in the cool sea breeze, or the beautiful tall oak trees that give our little house shade, or the fact that on a clear day you can see the ocean from our porch and what about spending sometime in awe and wonder over the thickness of the morning fog. So instead I picked Peyton up and together looking at the view from our porch railing I said "Yea...isn't it amazing!"
May you find safety and peace from the view of your porch railing today!


Jonni said...

You should write a book Kendra! I love reading about what's going on, and Peyton is so funny! I especially liked the comment about you ice skating!

Melissa said...

Awesome! Thanks for the update!