Saturday, June 20, 2009

Stranger Danger or Not?

This last weekend Our life group decided to go to a local park near downtown and have a Bar BQ and pass out food to the homeless people living at the park. It was a great day! A feel like several people were blessed. I was able to pray with a lady in particular that had recently had a heart attack and was discharged from the hospital to live on the streets. She had to take her heart medication with food but had none. She said she was about to take her medication when I came walking over with a hamburger. She had tears in her eyes when she told me she felt like God was hearing her prays and providing for her needs.
I have done alot of outreaches such as this in my day but this was the first one I did with kids of my own. Its funny because when brandon and I lead King's Kids groups to feed homeless people the parents of the kids would often be very afraid and not allow their kids to go on our outreach or insist they go and stay with their child at all times. Brandon and I used to comment on how over protective that seemed and how sad it was that those parents didn't understand the value of exposing their kids to different types of people and teaching them to love ALL just as Jesus does. Well if any of you parents are reading this I want you to know I GET IT! I have to admit I was in overprotective parent mode with my two year old. I was sizing up each and every person that got near her and never took my eyes off her. But even in my mama bear mode their was one moment when I saw her run over to one of the homeless guys sitting on the grass and sat on his lap! Not even joking you! she sat in this scruffy, dirty, homeless mans lap! I love this quality in her that she is not afraid of people and jumps into every situation with both feet in but that was a little to much for me to handle. I pray that she never looses that quailty in her but I think we are going to have to have a talk about stranger danger very soon!

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jes said...

Maybe you have a talk about strangers before you go to a park to meet homeless people!!! She can still have fun with them, but then she would have asked first... haha! I think it's awesome that you want to expose your children to every walk of life though... that will certainly help her in the long run!