Monday, June 15, 2009

A Conversation with Peyton

Setting: Peyton sitting at the table eating mac and Cheese, Laurie sitting next to her, mom getting Laurie dinner.

Peyton: Mommy I scared of Caleb.

Mom: Why are you scared of Caleb?

Peyton: (nothing)

Mom: You don't need to be scared of Caleb. He is your friend. He might chase you sometimes but that is because he is playing with you, because he is your friend.

Peyton: (Nothing)

Mom: Who else is your friend?

Peyton: Laurie is my friend

Mom: Good. I am glad Laurie is your friend. Who else?

Peyton: Mommy and Daddy are my friend

Mom: That is good mommy and daddy are your friends but they are also your parents. Who else is your friend?

Peyton: Cookies are my friends
Spoon is my friend
Cheese is my friend

Mom: Ok...those are not your friends. They can't talk to you. It is good to have friends that can talk to you.

Peyton: (quiet and thinking for a moment then shouts)
Elmo is my friend!!!!


bobby said...

I love that the story starts with, "Mommy, I afraid of Caleb."

We've gotta teach that kid to stop growling in peoples faces.

Bethany said...

Kids say the darnedest things :)

Melissa said...