Friday, July 31, 2009

The girl's first boat ride!

During our trip to San Diego to visit Brandon's family we took a ferry ride to Cornado Island. It was the first time both girls had been on a moving boat. So it was really exciting for them (and for mom) Amber loved it. She laughed and giggled the whole way because of the wind. She kept lifting her arms up to feel the wind blowing. It was pretty cute. Peyton liked it too but was a little scared at first. She held on to Auntie B's arm very tightly but had a smile on her face the whole ride.

Cute video of Amber and Mimi blowing in the wind! :)


Jessika Wilson said...

What a cute video!! Looks like it was a successful vacation and the girls had a lot of fun. xoxoxo Jess

Looking forward to seeing you on Friday :)

Melissa said...