Thursday, March 19, 2009

Play Day Beach Day!

" I love Where I Live!" That's what I told my husband as I left the house this morning. We had a play date planned with our friends Rachel Caleb (2), Micah (1mo) and Jill, Jenna (2), Carlee (3mo). Trust me we got ALOT of attention walking the few blocks to the beach...three double strollers with one toddler and one infant is a sight to see. I feel so blessed to have these friends that I can share this stage of life with. here are few pictures from our day!

Peyton tickling Caleb with a Feather
Micah and Amber

Jenna and Carlee
Pretty cute couple huh?


Rachel said...

So cute! We had such a great time. Let's do it again soon!

Bethany said...

Darling! I love her hair like that.

Christal said...

looks like fun!!

Jessika Wilson said...

Man, you have one great lookin little girl :)

Sarah said...

She is getting so big! Such a little girl...there is not trace of baby left! Thank goodness for Amber! :)