Thursday, October 20, 2011

I miss NANA!

After a long couple weeks of go go go fun fun fun with my mom being here while Brandon is away. I was really looking forward to my bed. I put the girls to bed and fell right to sleep the moment my head met the pillow. Around 3am I was awaken to the sound of a small wimper that quickly continued to get louder until it turned into a full blown cry. I rushed into the girls room and flew open the door to find Peyton sitting up in her bunk bed sobbing. I noticed Amber was awake too. My first few thoughts were... she had a bad dream... she is feeling sick... she is scared...I ran over to her and asked "Peyton, what is wrong?" with a sniff sniff she burst into tears again and cried "I MISS NANA!"
 After a trip to the bathroom, a cup of water, a few hugs and reassurance that we would see Nana again soon she went back to bed. As I headed back to my own bed, slightly annoyed at being woken up at 3 am and upset that Amber was now awake, I could not help but smile and send up a quick prayer thanking God for the special relationship Peyton has with my mom and for the fact that she has the ability to love so deeply and completly.

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