Friday, February 20, 2009

10 * 7 * 5

So I learned on Dr. Phil today that he has all his guests fill out something that is called 10 * 7 * 5 (10 Defining moments in your life, 7 critical choices you have made, 5 pivotal people that have written on the slate of who you are.) So I decided to go ahead and fill this out for myself. Who knows maybe I will learn something. So this is more for me than anyone else but if you care read on...
10 defining moments in my life
1. Going to a healing service when I was three and getting healed from a milk allergy. I know I was young but I remember this moment and I thank God for that memory because it was the first time I truly knew in my heart that Jesus was real!
2. Winning the Title of the best baton twirler in the region and realizing hard work and confidence pays off.
3. The first time I shared Christ with a homeless black man when I was 15 years old in the streets of Atlanta during the olympic games. The man rejected me and Christ and I was crushed. I sat in the street crying and realizing just how much I loved Jesus and how important it was to me that others did too!
4. Driving through the streets of Honduras and seeing poverty for the first time.
5. Meeting Josh Hunt during an open house for high school and falling in love at first site. That moment lead to an 8 year relationship that was truly heart wrenching.
6. Praying for a fellow team member to be healed while in Africa and she was!
7. Walking to a college class after spending the whole night studying with this squirrely little freshman named Brandon and realizing that I could not wipe the smile off my face. It was then that I knew I could love again.
8. All of brandon and I mentors laying hands on us and praying for us during our wedding ceremony and being moved to tears because I realized that everything I had ever dreamed of or hoped for was comng true!
9. Taking a pregnancy test and seeing that little pink line for the first time and coming to grips with the fact that my life as I knew it would never be the same.
10. waking up in the hospital the night after my baby was born in panic because I thought she wasn't was that moment that I knew I was truly a mom!

7 critical choices I have made
1. Signing up to go on my first 3 month mission trip when I was 15 years old
2. Walking forward during an alter call to comite my life to full time ministry
3. choosing to go to Azusa Pacific University
4. Saying "Yes" to marry Brandon
5. closing my dance studio
6. Choosing to go ahead and try to have a 2nd child
7. making the decision to move to Santa Cruz

5 pivitol people who have written on the slate of who I am
1. My Father
2. My baton Coach who taught me to be the best I can be
3. Josh Hunt my first boyfriend
4. Rita My mission trip leader who was the first person to believe in me and the call God has on my life
5. Brandon

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Sarah said...

I liked it!
I am not so sure about the fact that josh made the list of 5 people and I didn't...I mean I am a wonderful person who has changed your life for the better! LOL! Just kidding!! I mean I am wonderful...I am kidding about the list! ;)