Friday, September 23, 2011

Girl #3 - My poor husband

We just found out yesterday that baby girl #3 is on her way. We took the kids to the ultra sound appointment which was really fun. Their little faces lit up when they saw the image of the baby on the screen for the first time. They sat there in awe of the whole thing. Amber kept her little hand on my arm and every once in awhile she would whisper "I love you, mommy." Truly a family moment I will never forget. When it came to the part of investigating wither we were looking at a baby girl or a baby boy the nurse finally declared "Its another girl!" and Peyton slapped her forehead and said "Oh No!" We left the appointment, Amber holding the new pictures of our baby girl and shouting down the hall "That's my baby!" to everyone we passed, as we all giggled at her cuteness, I could not help but notice the disappointment written all over my husbands face. We both knew this was our last shot at a boy. There will be no more babies for us and I know he was really hoping for a son. I spent the rest of the day trying to talk about it with him trying to say all the right things like, "God knows what He is doing", "Maybe we wouldn't be good at raising a boy?", "Your girls can still play sports and watch football with you" But he mostly just remained quiet and I could see he just needed some time to process, So I left him alone.
Early this morning, we woke up to the sound of little girls giggling and chatting, much like we do every morning. Neither one of us wanted to get out of bed, so we laid their waiting to see which one would get up first. Finally my husband broke the silence between us by saying:
 "I guess I should get up with them before they get into something they shouldn't"
 and then the moment came...the one I had been waiting for all day the day husband began to vent:
 "Its rough getting up with them because I know the moment I get out there they are going to want a drink, and then they are going to fight over who gets the princess cup, and then they are going to want breakfast and they are going to fight over who gets the pink plate and now we are Going TO Have Another Girl and We are Going to have to Buy more PINK STUFF!!!"
 I thought he was finished and I was about to interject my thoughts about maybe this time buying purple or yellow when he continued:
 "And they just talk so much....they never stop talking...I noticed that when Micah comes over (a friends son that we watch one day a week) He just makes sounds for everything but he doesn't talk very much, and its not That He Can't Talk Its Just that he Doesn't HAVE TOO!!!! "
I figured he was finished this time because he threw the covers over his head as if to hide from all the progesterone in his home. I couldn't help but smile at his sudden outburst.
We talked for a little while longer and decided that more then likely this new little baby was going to be completely different then the two we've got, and who knows maybe she won't even like pink. If there is anything about parenting that we both have learned in the last five years it's that you never know what you are going to get and we need to be prepared to face a whole new set of enjoyment and challenges with this new child. I think the thought of meeting this new little one got us very excited and so my husband bravely hopped out of bed to get the girls breakfast.
The rest of the morning went on as usual until I heard some strange conversations between Brandon and the girls in their bedroom as they were getting dress. I walked in to see if he needed any help picking out outfits and doing hair, like I do every morning, but to my surprise I walked into the girls dressed in the cutest outfits and Brandon brushing Peyton's hair and Amber's hair was already in two little pig tails with pink bows to match. My husband has never (and I mean never) attempted to do the girls hair and I have to say he did a pretty good job. I can't tell you how much this blessed me. Not unlike my husband, I could tell that he had contemplated his circumstances and decided to go ahead and dive right in and be the best he could be. I just love him so much!
So here's to a house full of happy, giggly, chatty and most of all loved little girls, and my promise that one day we will get a boy dog for my husband to confide in! :)

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Melissa said...

That's awesome! Sorry Brandon!