Wednesday, August 25, 2010

So...I have a Secret Admirer!

My husband and I have been going through a book for about a year now called "101 nights of romance" by Laura Corn. I know, sounds a bit scandalise but let me explain. Its basically a book full of what it calls "seductions" or otherwise known as dates. When we feel like we might have a little free time that week for a date night or two we each pick an envelope out of the book one says for HIS EYES ONLY the other says for HER EYES ONLY and inside the envelope is a recipe for a wonderful surprising romantic adventure that you plan for your spouse. I can't begin to tell you how much I recommend this book to every married couple. We believe in it so much that we have given it as a wedding present at every wedding we have gone to in the last year. It simply brings back that portion of your relationship that is quickly left behind soon after marriage and that is the ROMANCE! This book has forced us to practice our romance and make it a priority in our marriage. Because after all, it's the thrill of the chase that makes the capture so sweet!
Well not all of the seductions go off without a hitch but they always create amazing memories...for example, Brandon's seduction this week must have been to romance me with flowers. All week long I have been finding flowers hidden for me...Some of my favorite places I found them were on the churches kitchen sink because he knew I was meeting someone there that night...or I had to pick up our car from the shop and the lady that gave me the paper work handed me a flower...I found several on my car windsheild before leaving places too...all the flowers were left with little love notes like "I think you are beautiful"..."I'm thinking of you" etc...and signed - your secret admirer - Yesterday while at swim lessons one of the pool staff ladies walked over to another mom that was sitting at the edge of the pool with a bouquet of flowers and said "I think a Man just left these for you...he said to give them to the lady in the white top sitting by the pool" Well she was wearing a white top and so was I...Mine was white with little flowers on it but, MEN not the most detailed of creatures. I was kind of smiling because I knew they were for me but watching this lady squirm and read the note that said "Love, your secret admirer" was classic. Well she refused the flowers and said they could not possibly be for her because she was married and had two kids. Ha ha ha ha!! Too Funny! So the pool staff lady walked over to me with the flowers and said "I guess these are for you then" I said "Sure, I will take them, I never pass up flowers!"
Well Today at swim lessons that lady came over and introduced herself to me and we small talked for a little bit and than she began to bring up the flower incident from the day before. She said she was very disturbed that a man would send flowers to her child's swim lessons because that was such an inappropriate place to do such a thing! She also began to point out all the strange men that were around the pool that she had caught staring at us and that her husband was very uncomfortable with her coming today and told her to be careful...I told her I was pretty sure the flowers were from my husband...she looked at me shocked! It was hilarious!
Just goes to show how far out of romance practice us married couples can be. Why is it so shocking for a husband to send his wife flowers in a public place? And more than that...are we so consumed with fear that we can not accept or even see the romance in it? Hopefully this has inspired you to bring a little romance into your relationship today...but maybe not at a public pool!


bobby said...

Your blog post is gonna ruin it when I get to that one in the book! ;)

Now I have to do it better than Brandon. That is pretty funny, though.

gerry said...

You really must save these and publish a book one day. They are very good.