Thursday, January 15, 2009

Amber Hallel "Praise" Kertson

Amber was born January 13th at 4am. She came right on her due date and I couldn't be happier to not be pregnant anymore!! Yay! She has been a joy so far. We all came home from the hospital today and everything has gone alot smoother than I thought. Peyton has been so amazing and has fallen right into the big sister role like a champ. She is concerned when the baby cries and hands me anything I need for the baby. She loves her and it has been so fun to watch. I feel so happy and blessed to have two healthy girls...its amazing how adding one more to the mix makes you feel even more like a family. I continue to be amazed at how God chooses to bless us. There is nothing like a new born baby to make you realize how cool God is. :) Here are a few pictures of the hospital and going home day!


Melissa said...

Beautiful! You made me tear up. Love you guys. Thanx for the pix

Sarah said...

She is beautiful! Thanks for making me a YaYa yet again! :)
I am going to work on that Velvet Elvis blog this week...promise!
P.S. Brandon doing homework with Amber in the hospital...priceless!