Saturday, December 13, 2008

to my love...

my sweet husband every once and awhile surprises me and does something really thoughtful. Poor guy has had to put up with my pregnancy woes. Lately I have been complaining so much about my back and my hips and I can't sleep and I feel fat and ugly...the list goes on. Well today he went out to run some errands for me and when he came back he had a dozen red roses for me with a card that was labeled " to my love" In the card he explained that eight of the roses where for the eight months of hard work I have put in for this pregnancy and the four roses where for the four weeks I have left until my due date. I didn't even realize that today I have exactly four weeks until I am due. Ahhhh...isn't he sweet??? :)


Melissa said...


Sarah said...

Nice work Brandon! :)
Better than a couple boxes of movie candy any day! ;)
Just kidding - she loved those too!